Su-25 vikhr problems
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Right now, whether or not you lock a target, the missiles will not guide at all and instead do circles at the spot they were fired from until they explode.

Also, from my time on DCS I swore I wasn't able to load 24 vikhrs on one su-25, and lord behold when I googled I turned out right. Only those second most inner two weapon stations (which are called rightwinggear and leftwinggear in the eden editor loadout menu) are able to hold vikhrs.


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the new vikhrs the su-25 has access to
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@Chairborne lol I think we're both talking about the same pylon, from my what the both of us have shown that seems to be the only places the su-25 can hold the vikhrs. And yeah I think your gonna be correct about the second part. I can already hear the raging from guys on random milsim servers when they try to shack a target with one lmao

the vikhr requires a targeting pod or camera to be manually guided, however our su25 doesn't have that, reason why it behaves so weirdly, will need either be removed from the pool of available weapons or a new separate version be created to use them (very unlikely)

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i've removed them for the time being, might go back to it sometime later and add a camera/targeting pod for the vikhr.
the proper su25t is different however, as its designed from the twin seater and the notable difference is the big hunch behind the pilot's seat. making an accurate model would be too complicated.