Static Mk19 and L134A1 flip over when used with the CUP Weapons ACE3 compat
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When loaded with the workshop version of ACE3, and the CUP Weapons ACE3 compat, the static turret for the Mk19 and L134A1 will "flip over" when fired (tested in the Virtual Garage from the arsenal).
This does not occur when used with ACE3 and without the CUP Weapons ACE3 compat. This does not appear to affect the AGS-30 static GMG turret in any situation.

Reproduceable with the following mods loaded:

  • CBA_A3
  • CUP Terrains Core
  • CUP Terrains Maps
  • CUP Terrains Maps 2.0
  • CUP Weapons
  • CUP Units
  • CUP Vehicles
  • ACE3
  • CUP Weapons ACE3 compat


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Affected classnames
CUP_B_MK19_TriPod_US, CUP_B_MK19_TriPod_USMC, CUP_B_L134A1_TriPod_BAF_DDPM
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Not gonna lie trying this in the editor looks absolutely hilarious, especially when firing a burst facing downwards.

Reminds me of this:

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