New US Army ACU/IOTV Collective Texture Problems
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Newly introduced US Army ACUs/IOTVs have texture issues that will be stated below. Apologies if this seems nitpicky, but since the AFRF and BAF and other new uniforms have consistent pattern textures with consistent stitching borders for textures, I felt that this needed to be reported as it seemed inconsistent with the rest of the quality this recent public release put out:

  1. OCP/OEF-CP fabric texture looks almost rubbery, especially around the arms. I understand that it is suppose to be replicating Ripstop fabric, but due to the lower texture resolution/model stretching and shadowing, it comes across as looking like a rubber suit. While the UCP pattern uniforms don't suffer as much from this problem (possibly due to the darker coloring of the pattern) it does still have this affect and is noticeable.
  1. OCP/OEF-CP textures on the new IOTVs in certain areas clip through stitching or separate parts on the IOTV uninterrupted by said stitching. This affects all variants of the OCP/OEF IOTVs so screenshots are only showing one variant since they seem to all share the same base model. There's also OCP pattern being textured onto the chest velcro of the IOTV. Screenshots attached with examples. UCP IOTVs do not suffer from this issue at all or so minimally that its not as noticeable of an oddity.

OEF-CP Stitching Highlights:

OCP Stitching Highlights:


Reproducable without other mods?
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