missing objects in CUP Terrains Core
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With the new release some objects seems to have moved to CUP Terrains Maps.

This is noticeable when starting VT5 with just CUP Terrains Core loaded, then i get the warning messages

Warning Message: Cannot open object ca\desert2\data\plant\bush1.p3d
Warning Message: Cannot open object ca\desert2\build\boatsmall_2a.p3d
Warning Message: Cannot open object ca\desert2\build\boatsmall_2b.p3d

in the rpt but also in a message box.

With CUP Terrains Maps loaded too these messages go away.


Reproducable without other mods?
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  1. This is not an issue with the latest patch it has been happening on VT5 for ages.
  1. The map itself is referencing objects that are packed with the desert2 (porto) map that is why the errors are resolved when running the maps package.
  1. It's not a cup issue., the map needs to have those objects changed for model versions that are contained in the misc pbos and then repacked. (Which is very unlikely as the map has not been touched by the author in years).

Have not run into this issue myself even so i use VT5 for some time and only run into this issue now. But looking back its possible that CUP Terrain Maps might have been activated on client side by accident and i eventually removed it at some point, so it seemed that something had changed recently.

Sorry for the noise.