Helicopter Gun Pod's causing uncontrollable yawing / oscillation
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The Gun pods (chain cannon, minigun, GAU) causes uncontrollable oscillation / yawing on the MH-60 & AH-6 variants. Tested in comparison against regular CUP UH-60 / MH-6 (no issues with these).
Issue seems to be isolated to pylon variant rotary aircraft with the guns (mentioned above) mounted.
Issue does not seem to affect pilot / when aircraft is solo piloted.

Mods loaded:
CBA v3.15.1
ACE 3.13.4
ACEX v3.5.4
CUP Units, vehicles, weapons v1.16.1
CUP Vehicles Ace compat
CUP Weapons ACE compat

Video: https://youtu.be/emO8L2rx3H0

Tested in dedicated server environment.
Tested with AFM
Replicated also with only CUP loaded (CBA as required also via dependency)


Affected classnames
Reproducable without other mods?
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Just some weird idea:
Please, try to disable all options in Settings - Addon Settings - CUP Static Weapons and try again.

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Yes, tested as asked. Problem remains.

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Do you use advanced or basic flight model?

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Advanced flight model is currently unsupported, use at your own risk.