Cannot rewear Ratnik "Masking suit" 6Sh122
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Cannot wear "Masking suit" 6Sh122 if it is undressed and placed on the ground.

Steps to reproduce:
1- Create a simple mission in the editor with a player wearing any of the 6Sh122 suits
2- Start mission and remove clothes(notice the the slot immediately turns red)
3- Try to wear clothes from the ground
4- Check that the clothes slot is red

*You can rewear the suit in the BIS arsenal but not in missions.


Affected classnames
CUP_U_O_RUS_Ratnik_Autumn, CUP_U_O_RUS_Ratnik_BeigeDigital, CUP_U_O_RUS_Ratnik_Desert, CUP_U_O_RUS_Ratnik_Pink, CUP_U_O_RUS_Ratnik_Summer
Reproducable without other mods?
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Are you playing as opfor? Arma by default locks uniforms to specific sides. You might otherwise want to use ACE No Uniform Restrictions.

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Uniforms tied to the side. For example Resistance cant wear East uniform.