all pp-19 variants has wrong caliber barrel mods
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It seems like all the pp-19 have the wrong caliber for their barrel mods, they all seem to be 7.62x39


Reproducable without other mods?
Dusin added a subscriber: Dusin.Dec 31 2020, 11:15 AM

Iirc they inherited from Bizon, and bizon was configured to use 762 muzzle devices for years, so very likely it won't change (as vityaz released more than 1 year ago).

Urban added a subscriber: Urban.Dec 31 2020, 11:27 AM

Unfortunately it was encoded like this long time ago and changing it now will brake missions

Could create a new class and hide the old one.

also related to T3269

Could create a new class and hide the old one.

Don't think it so important to make another 20+ classes just for changing marking of suppressor.
Irl the difference mostly in the mounting part of muzzle device, which is often may be changed.

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