BTR-80 hovers off the ground, occasionally AI cannot drive it when no contact is made with ground.
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I kept noticing the BTR-80 having an issue where it would suddenly stop driving, but instead kind of shimmy along, moving it's steerable wheels back and forth. Example video...

I then noticed on closer inspection, that the tires are not connecting with the ground when this behavior occurs...

Shortly after this screenshot was taken, the AI shimmied forward enough that it bumped into the tree in front of it. When it bumped the tree, the BTR's tires momentarily touched the ground again and it began to drive normal for a moment.


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Related to T3884 I guess, I tried to fix it but I'll need to check it again.

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I cannot reproduce the error. Any idea what triggers it? @Sputnik_Monroe

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OK, I give up. Spent a week trying to fix this shit, and I am not in any way closer than at the beginning. When I enable time acceleration, it all of a sudden works, but other than that, I have no fucking clue.