Bradley all models dance on vanilla maps issue
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I have strange behavior for all AI controlled bradleys in CUP: when I run vanilla maps (f.e. Altis) and set waypoints for bradley groups (any model of bradley) they start "dancing" on one place by moving right-left. It happens only on vanilla maps and with waypoints (F4 in editor -> 'move' for instance). At the same time takistan and cherno are ok for bradley groups and other armored cup vehicles. If I have AI bots sitting in bradley and set them on map point to move then everything will be ok on all maps.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. run arma 3 with cup only content (without cup core and terrains)
  2. open eden editor on altis
  3. put 1-2 bradleys (any model) with AI inside
  4. set them in editor move waypoint somewhere (not far ~50-100m)
  5. run scenario

Affected maps:

  1. Altis
  2. Tanoa
  3. Livonia
  4. Stratis
  5. Malden
  6. Sahrani (confirmed)

Expected results: bots must start moving to the specified waypoint location
Actual results: bots start "dancing" on start position and can't simply move forward

PS: most frequent situation happens near roads.


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Reproducable without other mods?
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Same issue was spotted with CWR model of m2a2. I guess it was inherited from cup models

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Should be fixed with latest commit. They will still snuggle the ground once or twice but once the lead vehicle moves the others follow.

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