btr-80a is missing he shells
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In game it only has AP shells. from some quick googling, I was able to determine that the cannon on the btr-80a does actually have he shells irl and is in fact nearly identical to the cannon on the vodnik bppu, which does have he shells in game. And I swore this vehicle used to have them, but maybe I'm misremembering.


Affected classnames
all btr-80a's
Reproducable without other mods?
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Both, BTR-80 and BTR-80A have HE. Use the scroll wheel menu ro reload HE shells.

heat added a comment.Mar 13 2021, 3:19 PM

that's exactly how I found the issue, i tried to scrollwheel down to the he shells and saw that there wasn't an option to do that.

I just relized that the "dev branch" is actually a whole other public mod pack you guys release. And when I checked again on this dev version of CUP in the editor the issue was fixed. Looks like it's just missing on the current release version. here's a screenshot