something up with Hellfire guidance
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noticed this when AI are in the gun seat of helis with the hellfires equipped. With hellfires they seem to have the ability to guide them without a lock which I don't believe is how the weapon actually works. it's like the ai can slew it about like a tow missile or one of the hind's manually controlled missiles, when in reality it the gunner would lock onto a lased target (agm114k) or lock onto a target with the radar (agm114L). so when you combine it with a player in the pilot seat, you get guys who can just rapid fire these missiles the moment they spot targets, even if they don't have a radar lock or a lase. all they need to do is spot the target with another ai or their gunner, and they can immeditely fire.


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all hellfires
Reproducable without other mods?
heat created this task.Sat, Mar 20, 10:28 AM
Taro added a subscriber: Taro.Wed, Mar 24, 5:01 PM

It all works as intended. AGM-114L is not working via radar lock from AH-64D radar. It actually has its own radar that activates during terminal guidance phase and searches for its own targets.

heat added a comment.Mon, Apr 5, 8:06 PM

@Taro yes the agm-114L it has its own radar sensor to lock onto stuff after launch, but the missile was designed to work only with the apache, which explains why the L stands for Longbow; so it being able to be loaded onto any other aircraft is odd and sometimes balance breaking. not to mention that the L can't be controlled after launch which is what I'm saying is happening in game. when fired by an ai or manual fired when its under ai control, they don't just fire it unguided and then the missile locks onto something it finds, they guide it fully to the target from launch and can even make it CHANGE targets midflight if you command them to. It works just like a tow missile and allows guys to just rapid fire these things against any popup threats.

Also i saw the same behavior with the K and assumed it was just the person changing where the laze was, but editor testing showed that the thing can just lock onto stuff without a laze, like it was a maverick or something. i then decided to test out the agm-114l just because and also saw that even with the radar off you can just manually lock onto vehicles like it had a maverick sensor strapped to its nose. So something is definitely up with the sensors on them since the agm-114k can ONLY lock onto a laze and the agm-114L can ONLY lock onto a radar contact as neither have the sensors to use to lock onto thermal contacts.