M60A3 main turret has no M240 ammo
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Gunner in the M60A3 tank has no more magazines for the M240 coax machine gun


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W0lle created this task.Sat, May 15, 3:31 PM
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W0lle added a comment.Sun, May 16, 6:38 PM

The old M1A1 model has the same problem. And probably all vehicles using the "CUP_Vlmg_M240_M1Abrams_Coax" M240 machine gun.

W0lle added a comment.Sat, Jun 5, 9:41 PM

Problem is this: The "CUP_Vlmg_M240_M1Abrams_Coax" machine gun used can now only use the "CUP_2800Rnd_TE4_Red_Tracer_762x51_M240_M" magazine.
So either the M60 and M1 tanks get the 2800rnd magazine, or the machine gun must be able to fire the 1200rnd magazine again.

Alternatively, use the "CUP_Vlmg_M240_veh" weapon in old M1A1 and M60A3.

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Thanks. Looks like the M60A3 coax should have a 2000 round bin with another 4000 rounds stored in the vehicle.