FV-432 Mortar Crew problems
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There are lots of issues with the crew positions in the FV432 Mortar...

The only way to get into the Commander position is to begin the mission in the Commander's seat. If you disembark you cannot get back into the Commanders seat and there's no way to switch to it from another seat such as Passenger, Driver or Gunner.

The Commander's seat is the same seat as the Gunner's seat. The Commander and Gunner models overlap in the same hatch.

The Mortar Gunner Sticks out through the roof when both turned in and turned out.

The Commander when turned out has action menu options relating to the GPMG. 1. Man the GPMG which doesn't do anything 2. Stow GPMG which stows it off to the side, when stowed the gunner can still fire it but his arms are stretched off to grip it which looks very strange.

The Commander has the artillery computer but not the mortar gunner.

The Commander cannot turn in.

Following three screenshots are of 1. overlapping commander and turned out gunner. 2. Mortar Gunner clipping issue. 3. Gunner awkward side firing of stowed GPMG.


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