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I am working on arma3 servers for the Linux community, hence, I create packs of mods that work with arma3 1.82,
So far, I got FIR, ACE3 and CBA ... working great,

But when I use any CUP or CUP related mod, I got the frame rate that drops to a few FPS and error/warning messages, like OldMan DLC related classes missing .

My question, is, is there any way to get CUP versions that are 1.82 compatible, or independent from DLC that are not available for arma3 1.82 ?

I will be more than happy to deliver CUP packs/mod that work with the 1.82, and what is great is that there will be zero maintenance for now, as long as , the Linux version is 1.82 as far as we know, AND

If that changes, the Linux version could be in sync with the windows version, so the user/me will go back to the official version of CUP ...

Thank you in advance .


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Not possible, CUP depends on certain features that are only in later versions.

gpunk added a comment.Jul 30 2021, 2:49 PM

Sorry, I have to rectify,

CUP terrain core and maps and maps2 are fine,

The issue I have is when I use CUP: Weapons, Units and Vehicles ...

Many mods use those components like some Radios etc .

As said, that is not possible.
This would require way too many reverting changes to way to many objects and even more lines of config for us.
The only way to use CUP on Linux and Mac machines is, to use "Proton" by Steam and the latest build of Arma 3.