BMP-3 Weapon keybind/selection issues
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When 30mm HE rounds are selected action menu shows an option to "Reload 90Rnd 30 mm (HEI-T)" which is unnecessary. This action menu option should be removed since it'll reload that mag once the first mag is depleted by default.

100MM cannon shows 22 rounds with 2 extra mags, but when first mag is depleted you will see 18 | 1. However, you can't fire this magazine and you can no longer switch to the cannon using the "Weapons group 1 Key". You have to use the "Next Weapon" or "Previous Weapon" key to go back to the cannon however you still can't fire it. After depleting the missiles it'll go back to that 18 round mag but you still can't fire it or switch back to it with the "Weapons group 1 Key", but you can switch to it with the "Next Weapon" or "Previous Weapon" key.

The missiles shouldn't be able to be selected by the "Weapons group 3 key" if possible. The in game Rhino fires AT missiles and doesn't have this issue.

Current control configuration
Weapons Group 1: 100MM cannon and 30MM cannon (30mm is on dual feed)
Weapons Group 2: PKT
Weapons Group 3: Missile Launcher (only if it's already been loaded using the action menu while the 100mm cannon is selected)


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Reproducable without other mods?
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30mm cannon reload is deliberate and is ammo stowed in the hull.

100mm cannon magazines are a 22 round mag of HE shell (the ready rack), an 18 round mag of HE shell (ammo stored in hull), and an 8 round mag of AT missiles. 22 and 18 round mags should probably be changes to a single 40 round magazine.

The missile launcher is the 100mm cannon, not sure what's going on there.

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Missiles are moved to group 1, so its fixed.