CUP Vehicles with random textures do not sync on clients when spawned by script or placed by a Zeus
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With the latest Arma 3 Dev branch the issue where vehicles spawned by script or Zeus have mismatched textures on clients has been fixed. All clients now see the proper vehicle textures. However, as of the latest CUP Dev all vehicles with random textures still have the previous behavior as described below.

On player hosted servers the host sees the proper texture but other clients only see whatever the "default" texture for the vehicle is if spawned by the server. On dedicated servers all players only see the "default" texture if the vehicle is spawned by the server. On Zeus the Zeus sees the proper texture but everyone else sees the "default". If a player spawns a vehicle in the debug menu using the "local exec" option, that player will see the correct vehicle texture but everyone else will see the default, but if you spawn a vehicle with the "global exec" option all players will spawn a vehicle but each player will only see the proper texture on the vehicle that's local to them. Every other vehicle will appear as whatever the "default" texture is.

I tested multiple CUP vehicles and all of them demonstrated the same behavior. I didn't test exhaustively but I don't think there's any that are configured to the new standard.

While this issue mainly affects civilian vehicles, with the inclusion of vehicles like the Hilux and other technicals fixing this would greatly improve immersion for players since rather than seeing the same exact texture every time, they'll see all kinds of different camo patterns on enemy vehicles.

I've put the steps to reproduce below along with some screenshots demonstrating the issue.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Place my "test_CUP_random_car_color.VR" mission into your Missions folder in the Profiles folder (default C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\YOUR USERNAME HERE\missions)
  2. Start Arma 3 DEV with CUP DEV only and then launch an additional client by placing the attached .bat file in your Arma 3 game directory and then run the .bat file.
  3. Launch the mission in the Arma 3 editor as multiplayer and connect the additional client through the in-game server browser (connecting the additional client is a bit finicky you might have to click a few times since the game likes to immediately auto disconnect for some reason)
  4. Notice how for both clients all the pre-placed vehicles have the proper texture for both clients
  5. With either player, spawn any vehicle using the in game debug console, for example using _toSpawn = "CUP_C_Lada_CIV" createVehicle position player; and use any vehicle you want, and I put some ones below.
  6. Notice how for the player that spawned the vehicle the texture appears correct, but for the other player it appears as the "default" texture with the case of the Lada being white.

Vanilla vehicle classnames

CUP vehicle classnames

CUP Vehicles "default" textures
Golf: red
Volga: black
Skoda 105L: white
Lada: white
Pickup: white with red stripe
Hilux: dark red

Arma 3 DEV with Vanilla Vehicles

Arma 3 DEV with CUP DEV Vehicles

Arma 3 DEV with CUP DEV Vehicles in Zeus

Arma 3 DEV with CUP DEV Vehicles placed in editor


Reproducable without other mods?
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AFAIK latest Arma 3 Dev moves all VhC stuff into postInit. We will have to do that once the Arma 3 update is out but afaik it does not work on the current stable.

At the moment using CUP DEV on Arma 3 stable branch just behaves like the current Arma 3 DEV branch as described above. Since the CUP patch is planning to be delayed until after the Arma 3 patch hopefully the fix to the textures can be included in the CUP patch if time/resources permit.