m134a uav problems
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none of them can be dissasembled into backpacks, looks like only way to spawn them in is through the editor. they also have silimar amount of ammo as the hmmwv miniguns, including a reload, for a total of 4000 rounds which seems like a ton for such a small static uav

also their drone camera looks like this


Affected classnames
all the new m134a uavs
Reproducable without other mods?
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In the beginning they where not meant to be disassembled and for base / compound / base protection. This is why they also have such a high ammo count.
I don't think that making them portable is very useful since it has a ROF of roughly 4000 and that would require quite some people to carry the ammo for a 1min action.
I might look into ways to disassemble the weapon into several boxes that then could be used for vehicle transport. -> Wishlist priority