nM1025 Wheel LOD/texture switching
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Placing down one of the new humvees next to another new humvee that has a different wheel texture will result in the wheels changing textures. Example used was olive camo and winter ion. winter ion is supposed to have black tires and the olive is supposed to have a muddy. as seen in images linked, standing near one humvee will cause the wheel textures to be applied to both instead of having the separate, proper textures. Humvees in picture were spawned in with the only changes being made were to the olive to add optional parts from garage setting.



Reproducable without other mods?
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IIRC the wheels are proxies, might be the reason.

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The wheels are proxies. It seems like Arma can only use one texture per proxy which is then global... not much I can do about this except making the wheels not proxies but part of the model