Various land vehicle water issues.
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All variants of the M1 Abrams and FV-432, plus the Challenger 2 and Warrior have the following issues when entering deep water or submerging...

  1. No loss of speed, the listed vehicle can rocket at top speed along the ocean floor or under rivers. For comparison, Vanilla NATO vehicles, CUP Bradley, and the CUP Leopard 2A6 slow down to a crawl when entering deep water.
  1. The listed vehicles do not take engine damage until submerged for over 20 seconds, vanilla vehicles and other CUP vehicles such as the Bradley begin to take engine damage after around 7 seconds of being submerged.

After further testing, additional vehicles also have these issues...

All Striker Variants. Strikers never take damage underwater and can stay submerged indefinitely in working order. The crew will still run out of oxygen and drown after a couple minutes, however the vehicles will still be in perfect condition.

Humvee variants of the 1151, 1152, 1165, and 1167 (up armored) versions do not slow down and have delayed damage. All other Humvees take damage regularly and slow down.

MTVR and variants, takes damage normally but does not slow down underwater.

RG-31 and variants, takes damage normally but does not slow down

M270 MLRS delayed damage, does not slow down.

This is all I have for now (Just US Army and UK). I'll do more test later and add to list as needed.


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