Chernarus 2.0, many vehicles have significant difficulty crossing railroad tracks, especially AI drivers.
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We've spent several days heavily playing on the Chernarus 2.0 map and the railroads seem to frequently be a source of problems. Many vehicles have difficulty driving over them. Some outright cannot, others come to a dead stop and slowly go over, or have to be drove over slowly at an angle.

We've seen many upturned vehicles at railroad crossings and railyards, and AI drivers repeatedly backing up and going forward until they are blocked by the tracks, then repeat forever or until they destroy or flip their vehicle. We've had our vehicles damaged and reduced to a stop while trying to cross over tracks, from numerous civilian vehicles to APCs and armored trucks.

Best example that we've found so far is in the south west edge of the map south of Komorovo in the area where the tracks intersect. We were in a BAF Bulldog (APC) going at high speed and slammed into the tracks, got hull and turret damage and reduced to a stop. We tried for awhile in various parts of the track and were utterly unable to cross in that area.


Reproducable without other mods?