cup units changes config 'threat' for B_Soldier_F and possibly other vanilla units
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The 'threat' config for B_Soldier_F in the vanilla game is .8 however after loading cup units (and deps cba, cup weapons) the threat config changes to 1.0.
configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "B_Soldier_F" >> "threat"

The threat configuration is used in determining sector strength and probably should be consistent between the different sides/factions.
i.e. B_Soldier_F = .8 and O_Soilder_F = .8 (as is the case in vanilla). Thus a sector can be stalemated with equal numbers.

Alternatively, it might be acceptable to perhaps apply a 1.0 threat (or maybe .8) to all units regardless of side/faction. This issue seems to impact blufor and makes it difficult to balance sector control missions.

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Reproducable without other mods?
Nailer created this task.Mar 21 2022, 1:26 AM