Error trying to play with Cup-Vehicles "Addon 'Cup_Trackedvehicles_loadOrder' requires addon 'Cup_trackedvehicles_bmp'"
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I came across this bug all the time I am trying to play with Cup-Vehicles mod.

"Addon 'Cup_Trackedvehicles_loadOrder' requires addon 'Cup_trackedvehicles_bmp'"



Affected classnames
Cup_Trackedvehicles_loadOrder, Cup_trackedvehicles_bmp
Razerdeckard set Affected classnames to Cup_Trackedvehicles_loadOrder, Cup_trackedvehicles_bmp.Apr 19 2022, 7:33 PM
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Please follow the instructions outlined on the CUP Discord and repair your mods. No one else has this problems, hence it must be on your end.

Always try to repair first, and make sure you test without other mods loaded.