AIM-120 equipabble on both the CUP A-10 and the vanilla A-164 Wipeout
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noticed this when editing the pylons for the wipeout, checked the cup A-10 and saw the same thing. beyond it making no sense it looks pretty silly as well lol.

although surprisingly even tho neither jet has a radar they can still use it alright; its actually kinda op since it doesnt seem to be affected by chaff, they can lock onto lazes so you can use them like ATGMs, will auto lock onto the nearest aircraft with its own radar when launched without a target, and have a really high manuverability so they can whip around to hit stuff you have lazed or managed to manually lock up close.


Affected classnames
all cup aim-120s
Reproducable without other mods?
heat created this task.May 14 2022, 10:24 PM