CUP vehicles have inconsistent VIV and mass properties
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While trying and failing to do some missions involving transport vehicles moving around smaller vehicles, I discovered that a lot of vehicles in CUP have very inconsistent vehicle-in-vehicle (VIV) properties. Some vehicles don't fit into other vehicles when they absolutely should. Sometimes it's that the VIV vehicle has too small of a capacity, such as the C-130 which actually has less carrying capacity than the vanilla VTOL Blackfish somehow. Other times its the vehicle I'm trying to put on board which is so large that it doesn't even work with vanilla vehicles, such as the MTRV trying to load onto the Blackfish, which just doesn't work.

What I expect to happen:
"If it fits, it sits." What I mean by that is if the model doesn't clip into the walls or ceiling of the vehicle you're trying to load into, then there's no reason (with maybe a few outlying exceptions) why a vehicle can't fit into another VIV cargo vehicle.

What actually happens:
If it fits doesn't necessarily mean that it sits.

For example, an M113 definitely fits inside of a C-130 in real life. Even Global Mobilization's M113s fit just fine into the CUP C-130. But CUP's own M113s don't fit into the CUP C-130 for some reason. Or, there are variants of humvee that fit into the C-130 just fine... and then some just don't for no discernible reason.

I must stress however that this issue is not exclusive to just the C-130 and a handful of vehicles. Practically everything is screwed up. Strikers, M113s, Humvees, the Mi-6 (VIV), the Chinook (VIV), various civilian vehicles, cargo trucks, you name it.

I suspect the reason this happened is that a lot of these vehicles were developed by different people who just arbitrarily chose different mass values so the handling of the vehicles would feel correct. Unfortunately this results in the VIV functionality not performing correctly as some vehicles are heavier than they should be, while the VIV vehicles themselves are often set without enough capacity.

Suggested solution:

  • The C-130 should absolutely have its capacity increased, for starters. It should at least be equal to what the Blackfish can carry, if not carry more.
  • A thorough review of CUP vehicles is necessary to find and restore sanity to mass properties, allowing everything to fit where it should be able to fit.
  • Make sure that changing the mass of the vehicles didn't suddenly break the vehicle handling, resulting in M113s with super speed or whatever.
  • I hope the models aren't screwed up since apparently that plays a role in what vehicles fit and what vehicles don't. So far however I've not seen evidence that this is an issue with the C-130 but perhaps double-check the cargo area on the VIV vehicles just to be safe.


Reproducable without other mods?