Many AI-driven vehicles cannot cross some bridges
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I've run into a problem where a large proportion of the CUP wheeled vehicles cannot travel over many bridges (eg. Altis 100128 SW->NE) when driven by AI. Direction of travel can be important.

This is vehicle-specific. The list I have so far of failing vehicles is the Strykers, Wolfhounds, Mastiffs, Ridgebacks, UAZ-469s and M151A2s. The weirdest case is the Land Rover, where the Transport, Ambulance and SPG-9 versions can pass bridges but the M2 and Special versions cannot.

This isn't strictly a CUP-only problem. The vanilla quadbike and RHS UAZ-3151 have a similar issue (although some problem bridges are passable with the quadbike), but I figured that the range of problem vehicles here might help narrow it down.

Things I have tried:

  • setMass and setCenterOfMass don't help.
  • Hiding objects near the bridge doesn't help.
  • Stared at Land Rover config for a while, didn't spot any relevant differences.

Best I found so far is that the model center altitude (ASLtoATL getPosWorld _veh select 2) is a strong predictor. The lower it is, the worse the results.

I didn't list the affected classnames as there are dozens.


Reproducable without other mods?
jaj22 created this task.Jul 9 2022, 4:44 PM