Can't toggle between CUP grenades
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When in player's inventory there is more than one grenade and one of them is from CUP, player will not be able to toggle between them, only way to change the selected grenade is to drop the other one or drop both and pick up first the one player wants to throw.

Example: having one L109A1 and one L109A2 will not let player toggle between them. Having any amount of any type of "damage" grenades (CUP or vanilla) and smoke grenades will let player to toggle only between one "damage" grenade (that was picked first) and all "non-damage" grenades.

In extreme cases like having CFP loaded with CUP, none of CUP grenades will show in the weapon info interface box, thus making them not throwable.


Affected classnames
CUP_HandGrenade_L109A2_HE, CUP_HandGrenade_L109A2_HE and others
Reproducable without other mods?
honger created this task.Tue, Nov 22, 8:53 PM