Chernogorsk Industrial Silo Vertical Shift
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The "Industrial Large Silo 02" ("Land_Ind_SiloVelke_02") to the north side and its connecting "Industrial Silo Big Bridge" ("Land_Ind_SiloVelke_most") have shifted a few centimeters downwards each.

Worth mentioning that on the "original CUP Chernarus", ported from ArmA 2, had these parts are properly aligned (in relation to the vertical axis, since the silo and its bridge to the southern side always had a noticeable misalignment in the horizontal plane)

The first screenshot shows the vertical misalignment, the second shows the location on map, and the third shows which buildings are the affected ones. All screenshots were taken with only "CUP Terrains Core" and "CUP Terrains Maps 2.0" loaded.


Affected classnames
"Land_Ind_SiloVelke_02" and "Land_Ind_SiloVelke_most"
Reproducable without other mods?